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Born in Slough, DJ Edwards moved to Wales at the tender age of 6 months where he now lives with his wife and two children in Penarth in The Vale of Glamorgan. From an early age he got involved with amateur dramatics and even now can often be found on stage performing in the local pantomime with his family. As a child, when not getting into various scrapes that often landed him in A&E, he could usually be found with his head buried in some book or another, mostly ones written by Roald Dahl or C.S.Lewis. As he got older he moved onto Tolkien and from there to the wealth of other fantasy authors available. Although fantasy was always his first love, it was pantomime that first made Darren put pen to paper. He now runs his a website where he sells his own panto scripts to theatre groups up and down the UK and across the world, including the United States, Australia and Borneo. However, his love of fantasy never did quite go away. Heart Stone is his first book, a YA novel of a five part series. He hopes you enjoy reading it as much as he has enjoyed writing it.  

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